Tank Battery Circulation Pumps

T-30 Pump Skid Assembly, with Gas Motor T-30 Pump Skid Assembly, with Electric Motor


The BearCat Pumps F-Pump is a positive displacement lobe/spur gear pump designed for circulating crude oil throughout the tank battery heat exchanger and oil water separation system. The primary feature of the pump is its high torque design. Particles of rust from old well casings, sand from fracking, etc. that can easily seize traditional circulation pumps, won't stop the F-Pump. That is because it has 5 times as much torque!

Common applications for the F-Pumps include:

  • Tank Battery Circulation
  • Additive Infusion
  • Waste Transfer
  • Fuel Transfer
  • High Temp Fluids, up to 450°F

Features of our F-Pumps include:

  • Heat-treated, pulse-dampening helical gears, nitride treated shafts
  • Built-in relief valve (pressure relieving in one direction)
  • No Leak seal design
  • Hardened steel, self-lubricating bushings
  • Multiple port configurations
  • Can be belt and pulley or inline driven, with gas or electric motors


image of a T-15 Pump
T-15 Pump Flow Rate Chart


image of a T-15 Pump
T-15 Pump Flow Rate Chart


image of a T-30 Pump
T-30 Pump Flow Rate Chart