image of complete skid assembly with gear meter, 600R pump and moto

The skids are all steel welded construction with a powder-coated finish. Any pulley ratio can be engineered to meet a desired flow range. Add a VFD for even more precise speed control, reversibility, etc.

Metering Skid Assembly

image of complete skid assembly with a Gear Meter, 450R pump and motor

We build complete skid assemblies with many optional accessories; Choose any one of our pumps then add a screen box, VFD, gear meter, mass flow meter, etc.

All major components have heat jacketing with a common JIC connection. The ports come in stardard 2.5", 3", and 4" flanges. As a result, many different configurations are available.

6" Railcar Unloading Skid

Unloading Pump Skid Assembly with a 900R pump, screen box and motor

Using our 600R pump or larger 900R pump, you can unload tanks and rail cars quickly; 350-500 GPM!

All components are heat traced with a common JIC connection. The unit has internal, heated pressure relief. It also includes our no-leak lip seal. The ports easily adapt to 3", 4", or 6" plumbing.

900R Skid with 6" Screen Box

Transfer Pump Skid

image of Unloading Pump Skid Assembly

Use our skids for transfer and tank/trailer loading and unloading.

Sizes range from 2.5"-6" flanges and flow rates range from 15-500 GPM!

No leak lip seals, heat-traced components, and relief valves in both directions; help to keep you up an running and minimize maintenance.

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