Asphalt Pumps

BearCat Pumps Family Photo

All Asphalt Pumps Include:

  • Heat-treated, pulse-dampening helical gears
  • Full hot oil jacketing
  • Dual, built-in, fully heated relief valves (pressure relieving in both directions)
  • No Leak driveshaft seal design
  • Nitride treated shafts
  • Multiple port configurations
  • Flanged ports
  • Can be direct driven inline or belt and pulley (pillow block bearing required for belt and pulley drive)
image of Heat Treated Helical Gears
image of Full Hot Oil Jacketing
image of Dual Built-in Heated Relief Valves
image of No Leak Driveshaft Seal Design
image of Multiple Port Configurations
image of Nitride Treated Shafts
image of Flanged Ports
image of Belt and Pulley Driven