AR-960 Rubber Pump

image of an AR-960 Pump Complete

The AR-960 is probably best suited as a 'blend transfer' pump. Its large displacement makes it the optimal pump for rapid transfer from the blend tank to the reaction vessel. This pump shines whether it is being used for a critical metering system with a Micro MotionĀ® flow meter, a BearCat asphalt distributor, or just a high volume, "get the job done" off-loading pump. Shown in the pictures below, the pump may be set-up as a stand-alone skid (left), or mounted on the trailer and driven with a gearbox (right).

In fact, a rebuilt pump is actually better than new! The steel sleeves we use to sleeve the housing have better wear properties the original casting. In most cases, the rebuilt pump is delivered to the customer prior to removing the old pump from service. Consult factory for more information.

AR-960 Manual

960 Asphalt Pump Flow Rate Chart
960 Asphalt Pump Power Chart
image of  a 960 Asphalt Pump Complete Skid Assembly
image of a 960 Asphalt Pump Housing
image of a 960 Asphalt Pump Complete